Parents as Partners

As parents are the first and most enduring educators, we seek to develop an effective partnership with parents. Parents are asked to attend a small tea party with their child in the summer term prior to their child’s arrival; this hopefully will help the child familiarise him/herself with The Marmalade Cat. At this tea party each parent will have time to talk to the teachers and be given a New Parents' pack; the documents will need to be filled in to give us some background information on their child. All children have reached different stages of development when they arrive at school and it is very helpful to know what stage they are at before they start school. Over the first two days of term we offer each family a home visit from their child’s new teacher this offers a chance for the parents to ask any questions and to familiarise themselves with the school routines. The children seem to settle in very quickly as a result of these visits.


In the Autumn term we will invite you to an evening for us to inform you of the learning opportunities provided by the Marmalade Schools. The evening will give you more time to ask your child’s teacher any further questions, meet other parents and to become aware of what your child will be learning throughout the year. At this evening we will also go through the more practical side of day to day nursery school life. The primary way of communicating with your child’s teacher is through the daily diary, which ensures close contact with the parent and teacher is maintained at all times. Emails are sent weekly with planning and details of weekly activities. Parents are encouraged to have close contact with the school either in person, by telephone or by email. At the end of the Summer term we send out detailed reports outlining your child’s progress and in the Spring term we will hold individual meetings to discuss your child’s progress. The Kittens, Caterpillars and Cubs’ parents are also invited to have an individual meeting with their child’s teacher at the end of the Autumn term. At this meeting, the parents are given a two-year progress check for their child. Parents are encouraged to share this with their health visitor. The Bears, Cats and Butterflies have a detailed report at the end of the Autumn term.


Each school has an established day where parents are actively encouraged to share their skill sets with the children through circle time sessions and at story time. Marmalade Schools also has days for Mothers and days for Fathers to come and spend a session at the relevant school.


We have a well-established Parent Teacher Association to help parents meet each other and to provide a non-academic support network for the good of the schools.




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